New Testament Hyper-Concordance

Via Simon, I first thought ‘how silly’. But I took a much closer look and was quietly amazed.
The Hyper-concordance is a site that uses some cool web technology to index every word in the ESV New Testament. Initially I thought this would be something of a dud, and was just the result of geeks playing around with web technology. But this is actually very cool!
Take a look and see.
Select a letter of the alphabet, and the hyper-concordance uses a tag cloud to display a weighted list of words starting with that letter.
Click a word and you have a list of verses displayed in full, complete with every other indexed word in that verse hyperlinked.

It’s simple concept that is executed very effectively.
This is a tool I will use repeatedly.


  1. Interesting Neil, but no stats!

    David McKay · Jun 7, 06:29 PM · #

  2. Hmm, not geeky enough for you David? ;-)

    NeilA · Jun 7, 06:35 PM · #

  3. There are some stats on how people search the ESV.

    Simon · Jun 7, 07:38 PM · #

  4. I meant that it doesn’t say that the word whatsaname occurs 6 times in John and 23 times in the NT…

    David McKay · Jun 11, 03:31 AM · #

  5. Actually, there are some statistics, just not obvious.

    For example go to “measure” then hover over “pronounce” in Matt.7.2, and the tooltip shows “5 references to pronounce”.

    So, they have some stats, they’re just not presenting them very well. Maybe drop them an email suggesting an improvement.

    There’s also a note in their FAQ about what is meant by “references”.

    Simon · Jun 11, 11:18 PM · #

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